List of entertainment nights in Blue Aegean.

Greek Night

At the Blue Aegean you will enjoy an evening barbecue cooked on the charcoals followed by lively entertainment from traditional Cretan dancers. The dancers, dressed in local costumes, will provide energetic routines and will encourage the visitor to learn some traditional foot steps. A happy and enjoyable atmosphere is guaranteed to make your holiday memories unforgettable!

Lumiere Light Show

Performed by two contemporary dancers using state-of-the-art technologies, combining colourful lights, music, and dance; this show is truly spectacular.

Voilà - International Dance Show

A glamorous classy dance show will take you through a journey of spectacular costumes and dance styles. Our professional dancers will capture the audience with their grace and beauty. A cascade of sequins, glitter and feathers! A show for all the family to enjoy.

International Live Music

Our two very talented musicians performing varying styles of music including rock n' roll, funk and reggae will surely awaken good memories. The group plays a mix of musical instruments including, saxophone, electric guitar, electronic keyboards and bass.